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November 2, 2012


Legacoopsociali: the birth of the online newspaper of social cooperation

It began in October the adventure of the first online newspaper of social co-published by Legacoopsociali: . This new journal is not intended as an information tool for professionals, but collects and raises a challenge. Every day hundreds of social workers are in contact with the real country and with that forgotten: the elderly, children, [...]

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November 1, 2012


What do you do to change the world? Until 1 December 2012 you can submit stories, ideas and dreams

Kicks off the campaign Ong 2.0, coinciding with the launch of the training program 2012/2013. Until December 1, 2012, you can send “dreams, ideas and actions” for those who want to change the world. For the better and in any mode. It will all be presented in a webinar end of the year with a [...]

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