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ForTeS is School of high formation for the Third Sector. You turns to the pictures and the executives and it is where a point of meeting the Third Sector, the Public Administration, the academic / scientific world and the enterprises they plan together runs, reflections, proposed and, where, nets and connections are created among the participants.

Training takes place through exploration and deepening of cultural routes on innovative, often border.
Formation happens through the exploration and the close examination of cultural runs on thematic innovative, often of frontier.

The School is strongly taken root in the territory, for the intrinsic characteristics of Founfers:Fondazione Monte of the Paschi in Siena, Province in Siena and CeSvoT. Center Services Volontariato in Tuscany, but its activities have a strong national and international opening.

The activity started in July 2010.


The training of ForTeS is realized every year in some fixed appointments: the Summer and Winter School. On both occasions it comes to intensive weeks of training, and residential single-issue. Between the two appointments, Summer and Winter, the School organizes other training opportunities short – seminars, conferences, workshops – on topics specific to the Third Sector, in collaboration with organizations and institutions.

In 2012 ForTeS organized the X International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research – ISTR, an event of global significance.