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What do you do to change the world? Until 1 December 2012 you can submit stories, ideas and dreams

November 1, 2012

Kicks off the campaign Ong 2.0, coinciding with the launch of the training program 2012/2013. Until December 1, 2012, you can send “dreams, ideas and actions” for those who want to change the world. For the better and in any mode. It will all be presented in a webinar end of the year with a collection of the very best.

2.0 NGO was founded as a “school” of online courses and events on the topic of Web 2.0 for nonprofits and has become a community of exchange, a place of learning, and that part is mostly done online. The areas of discussion are the international cooperation, sustainable lifestyles and remained also the most innovative section, issues related to online activism, the one that really helps to bring together people who believe it is possible to change the world with the web .

You can join by sending its own history in all formats: photos, tweet, post, email, comment.

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